5 Tips for Smoking the Perfect Boston Butt

Community | 09/01/20

When it comes to cooking, we know when to call in the pros. We took a trip to Franklin, Tennessee to learn some tips from Puckett's Gro. & Restaurant on how to make great barbecue at home.

Tips from Lee Rice, Senior Kitchen Manager at Puckett's Restaurant, on smoking the perfect Boston Butt:

  1. Take your time when smoking meat.
    Lee recommends smoking a large Boston Butt for 16 hours. Smoking is a long process but well worth the wait if done correctly.
  2. A bone-in Boston Butt is a great selection of meat if you're new to smoking.
    Want to start smoking but don't know where to start? Lee says you can't go wrong with a Boston Butt. There is a lot of fat and connective tissue within the meat, which makes the cooking process very forgiving.
  3. What is a "Fat Cap" and why does it matter?
    Pay close attention to where your heat source is located on your grill/smoker. Every Boston Butt will have a layer of fat called the "Fat Cap." If the heat is coming directly from the bottom, like a Big Green Egg, Lee recommends you place the Fat Cap facing down to protect the meat from drying out. If the heat is rising to the top, like large smokers, he says to keep the Fat Cap facing up. When in doubt, Lee says to think of the Fat Cap as blanket to protect the meat.
  4. Know your rub!
    Make sure you pay attention to how much salt is in your rub. While you want a generous amount of seasoning, you do not want over salted meat. Lee recommends Puckett's rub as a great go-to for anyone to use.
  5. Just in case you forgot: Don't be in a hurry!
    Lee says three things are the key to great Bar-B-Que - time, temperature, and seasoning.

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