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Ascend has a full range of accounts, including checking, savings, investment and youth accounts, all to serve you.

Services from Ascend


Savings Account

Your Ascend Savings account earns interest and qualifies you to apply for all other Ascend products and services.

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Checking Accounts

Ascend offers two types of checking accounts to choose between: Preferred Checking and Legacy Checking.

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Certificate Accounts

Certificate accounts feature a higher interest rate than most savings accounts—without the risk of the stock market.

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Money Market Account

With Ascend’s Money Market account, the more you save the more you earn. And your money is easily accessible.

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Christmas Club Account

Ascend's Christmas Club account isn't just for Christmas. It's a great way to automate saving for any purpose.

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Young Adult Hero Q2 MAY23

Young Adult Accounts

Designed to promote smart spending, saving and budgeting habits to be well-prepared for the financial journey ahead.

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Youth Accounts

It’s important for young members to create wise money habits. Our youth accounts reward financial responsibility.

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HSA Account

Ascend’s Health Savings Account is an interest-bearing account you can use to cover medical expenses.

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