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Ascend shares our profits with our members. And to us, sharing ​$4 million5​ ​during 2020 was our most rewarding giveback. Use this calculator to estimate how much you could have earned last year by using our products and services. Each estimate is based on the average monthly account balances and APR or APY of each product.

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Amount based on a 60-month new vehicle loan term at 4.35% APR. Actual rates may vary.

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Amount based on .15% APY. Actual rates may vary.

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Amount based on a 30-year fixed mortgage at 4.8% APR. Actual rates may vary.

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Amount based on a variable dividend rate affected by deposit amount. Actual rates may vary.

Possible Total 2020 Year-End Bonus

Money Market

Rates as high as




Rates as high as




5/5 ARM as low as



Auto Loan

60-Months as low as



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