How do I determine the status of my payments?

There are several statuses associated with a payment as it goes through its lifecycle. Following is an explanation of the various statuses.

Scheduled: Represents a payment that has been scheduled to be processed on a future date. A payment in this status is eligible to be edited or canceled.

In Process: Represents a transaction that is currently being processed and can no longer be edited or canceled.

Sent: Represents a check payment where the check has been printed and mailed.

Cleared: Represents a check payment where the check has been received and negotiated by the payee.Completed: Represents an electronic payment where the payment has been delivered to the payee.

Canceled: Represents a payment that you canceled.

Stopped: Represents a payment made by check where a stop payment has been placed on the check either at your request or by us because the biller has not received the payment.

Suspended: This is a temporary status that can be placed on a payment while we research a potentially invalid delivery address.

Declined: Represents a payment where after additional review, it is determined that the delivery address provided for the payee is not a deliverable address.

Failed: Generally represents an electronic payment where the payee has returned the credit attempt. A reason this might happen is if the payee does not recognize the account number sent in the payment instructions.

Insufficient Funds: The account from which a payment is being made does not have sufficient funds.

Returned: Generally represents a check payment returned by the Post Office because it could not be delivered, or it’s returned by the payee – possibly due to an overpayment.

Hold: A payment may temporarily be placed in this status while we are conducting an internal review of the payment request. We will notify you if we have any problems processing your payment request.

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