How do I add new payees?

To add a new payee, type the name of the payee in the "search payees" box near the top of the screen. As you type, we will try to match what you are typing to one of our known payees. If you see the payee in the drop down list, click the name, then click the add button.

If you do not see the name in the drop down, don’t worry; just complete typing the name of your payee, then select "add a new payee". We will then ask you for information about your payee: Account Number – this is your account number with the payee. Enter the account number as it appears on your bill. When making a payment to a person and not a business, you may not have an account number to provide. If this is the case, it is okay to leave the account number field blank. Payee Address – this is the address where you send your payment. ZIP code – in some cases, we do not ask for the entire address of your payee, but just for the payee's ZIP code. When prompted to enter a ZIP code, enter the payee’s ZIP code where you send your payments. Don’t be alarmed if we do not ask for an address. This just means we have already made special arrangements directly with the company you are adding regarding how to remit payments to them. In many cases this means we send them a payment electronically, so we do not need an address. In other cases, companies ask us to send payments to an address that may be different from the address that appears on your bill.

While adding your payee, you can also give it a nickname to make it easy for you to identify. When your payee is added, it will display at the top of your payee list. The next time you come back to the screen, your payees will display in alphabetical order.

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