Reasons to Shop Local This Holiday Season

Community | 11/24/23
A woman holding a 'We're Open' sign.

Did you know that small, local businesses make up a big part of your community’s landscape? Small businesses create jobs, build a demand for locally made products, and keep communities thriving. At Ascend, we believe in the idea of “people helping people,” with the goal being to make a positive impact in the communities we serve. Join us in this goal by shopping small this Small Business Saturday and throughout the holiday season.

Here are four reasons to shop small local businesses:

1. Help create jobs in your community

The money you spend at local retailers goes back into your community. When you support these small businesses, you enable them to grow and hire more workers, thus creating more jobs and helping the local economy thrive.

2. Keep your tax dollars in the community

Buying a new pair of shoes from a local shop takes dollars out of your pocket and puts them into the pockets of a local resident. What you might not consider is that those dollars get spent by the business owners as well, and they’re also likely to spend their money locally.

Local taxes from these transactions also fund essential services in the community, such as schools, firefighters, and other services in the area. Shopping locally not only supports local business owners but can also help support the infrastructure of your town.

3. Support local charities

It’s clear that small businesses benefit from a strong community; therefore, the owners tend to be more engaged members of the community themselves. Small businesses donate more on average than large businesses to nonprofits and community causes, creating a positive cycle of local giving. Click here for a list of local organizations that Ascend is proud to support.

4. Find unique gifts

Skip the mass-produced items at huge chain stores this holiday season and find gifts for everyone on your list at local stores. Whether it’s jewelry from a local metalsmith, a purse from a local boutique or pottery from a local artisan, local shops have the best potential for one-of-a-kind, unique items that make the perfect gifts for friends and family.

On Small Business Saturday and throughout the holiday season, we encourage you to give back to your community by shopping small, as each purchase becomes a gesture of support for the unique businesses that define our towns. You can also give back by simply volunteering your time with local organizations that are making a difference in your community. Together, let’s build a season filled with warmth, community, and a celebration of the local businesses that define the heart of who we are.

Are you a small business owner? Ascend's comprehensive business banking solutions aim to meet the diverse needs of our local community. Our team of business banking experts is available to work with you to find the right solution for your business, regardless of its size. We invite you to make an appointment online, stop by your nearest Ascend branch or call us at 855-204-2085 to speak with one of our trusted business banking advisors.

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