Best Middle Tennessee Campgrounds

Community | 05/26/23

Have you made any summer vacation plans? If you are looking for an affordable way to explore Tennessee’s natural beauty, Ascend has you covered! Last year, we gave you the rundown on the top five lakes in Tennessee, but this year, we’re giving you a list of some of the best campgrounds in our beautiful state for those of you who are more inclined to vacation on land.

  1. Cedars of Lebanon State Park

This state park takes its name from the eastern red cedar trees found throughout the area, seemingly growing out of limestone beds. This creates a desert-like look to the glades that makes it wholly unique to any other campground in Tennessee. The park sits at over 1,000 acres and has more than 100 campsites, ranging from rustic sites to modern lodges.

  1. Henry Horton State Park

Named after the former governor of Tennessee, Henry Horton State Park offers a unique blend of rugged appeal and modern amenities. It sits on one of Tennessee’s most scenic waterways—the Duck River, while also containing an 18-hole golf course, trap and skeet range, and the Henry Horton Restaurant and Lounge. Its campsites accommodate tents all the way up to RV’s, and it even has a few lodges available.

  1. Fall Creek Falls State Park

Enjoy one of the highest waterfalls in the eastern United States at this picturesque state park. With over 200 campsites, this makes Fall Creek Falls one of the most RV-friendly options. The park encompasses over 29,800 acres and 56 miles of trails to explore, making it one of Tennessee’s largest and most visited state parks. The park is home to a variety of activities and is suitable for all adventure-seeking visitors.

4. South Cumberland State Park

By far the biggest park on this list, South Cumberland stretches over 1,000 acres and 4 counties. With a focus on hiking trails and primitive camping spots, South Cumberland State Park is the perfect choice for the more adventurous vacationer.

5. Cumberland Caverns

For the last spot on this list, we’ve gone with something a bit unorthodox—underground camping. Cumberland Caverns is a historic cave complex boasting structures that challenge even the most advanced of cavers (Like the meatgrinder), while also housing beautiful structures almost anyone can enjoy (most overnight packages see you sleeping in the famous “10-Acre room”). While not for everyone, camping in the Cumberland caverns is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and its existence highlights the geographical beauty unique to the great state of Tennessee.

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