What to Look for When Buying New Appliances

Education | 04/09/21
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Ecologists are always searching for ways to save our environment. Focusing on energy-efficient appliances is one aspect of this endeavor.

In fact, 30% of the charges on your electric statement stem from your appliances. That’s why the government and many appliance manufacturers are replacing standard devices with new energy-saving models.

Is one of your appliances on the blink? Before contacting an appliance repair company, consider replacing the appliance. New parts and labor can be pricey on a repair. Remember that the new energy-efficient appliances can possibly save you money on a monthly basis.

Now that you decided to go with a modern, energy-efficient refrigerator or dryer, how can you be sure you’re getting the best product at the most cost-effective price?

Here are some tips to guide you in your search:

Determine the total cost. The first thing to consider is the operating cost.  This amount, along with the actual purchase price, should give you the real cost of the appliance.

Check the energy rating. There are several reliable rating services that provide information about appliance energy consumption. The federal government uses the Energy Star Standard sticker to inform consumers of the operating cost and the annual energy consumption of each appliance.

Select the right size appliance. Running a large machine – even the most energy-efficient one – uses more electricity than a compact one.

Look for economy choices. Many dishwashers and washing machines offer a variety of different cycles. If you find one with an economy cycle, you’ll save money when you only need to wash a small load of clothes or dishes.

Stay Simple. When it comes to choosing a refrigerator, go easy on the add-ons. Top-to-bottom fridge/freezer models are more energy efficient than side-by-sides. Features like water dispensers, icemakers and auto-defrost use lots of extra electricity. This holds true for self-cleaning ovens, too.

Contact your utility supplier for the latest ways to save on utility charges. With today’s smart devices, many appliances can be programmed to use less energy at certain times of the day.

Comparison shop. Never buy the first model you see. Household appliances can be pricey, and to find the most energy-efficient one at the best price, you’ll need to do some research. If you find a model you are ready to buy, go online and search for other retailers that might carry the same appliance. If you find it at a lower price, many retailers will match or beat the price of their competition if you ask.

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