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4 Reasons to Declutter and Support Your Favorite Thrift Store

Community | 08/16/20
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For many of us, going through our closets or reorganizing our kitchen cabinets is a dreaded chore. But, de-cluttering gives you the satisfaction of creating more space, and donating gently used items to your favorite thrift store can help your community. Here are four great reasons to de-clutter your life:

  1. More space
    Who couldn’t use more space in their garage or closets that are overflowing with “stuff”? Take some time to go through shelves and the boxes that have been sealed for years. If you find something you haven’t used or worn in over a year, it’s probably time to give it a new home. Unless the item holds significant sentimental value, give yourself some new-found breathing room.
  2. Second life
    Remember those dishes from before you got married that are sitting out in the storage room packed away in a box? Some college kid would love to eat her Ramen noodles out of those bowls. Not only do you get the additional space in your home, you can help someone else find just what she needs.
  3. Supporting community organizations
    Whether it’s national organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army or something more local like a church, civic organization, or local charity, your donations help your fellow community members in need. By decluttering you are helping support those around you.
  4. Tax write off
    If you can itemize deductions on your taxes, donations to most thrift stores count as a deduction. Make sure to get an itemized receipt for your items and file it away for next year’s tax season. Your donation items may be worth more than you think. Goodwill has a convenient chart that helps you determine the amount that the IRS allows. Consult your tax professional to determine your individual impact.

Donating can be a win-win for those involved, but make sure to donate only things that are in good condition. If it’s broken, dirty or worn out, take it to be recycled or to the garbage dump instead of donating it to a thrift store. has a list of 25 things not to donate.

Here are some recommended donation locations in Middle Tennessee:

Habitat for Humanity
(Appliances, building materials, household goods, furniture)

Have a suggestion to add to the list? Email us at

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