How You Can Be Prepared for Santa’s Return With a Christmas Club

Education | 07/29/19
Family walking through the mall.

With the lazy, hazy days of summer upon us, Christmas can seem like it’s a long way away. But before you know it the stockings will be hung, Rudolph will be saving the day on television once again and you will be wondering how Ole Saint Nick will be able to bring all the packages this year with the bills adding up.

That’s where an Ascend Christmas Club can be your red-nosed reindeer and help save your holiday season.

What is a Christmas Club?

It’s a specialized savings account for Ascend members.

It can be used to save for holiday gifts, a dream vacation, that convertible you’ve always wanted, or whatever goal you have in mind.

Funds are accessible at any time, for any reason, with NO penalties.

You can automate transfers to stash away funds or save at your own pace.

Your nest egg is automatically transferred to your savings or checking account on the first business day after Halloween.

There’s no minimum balance required to get your account started.

Does a Christmas Club have to be used to purchase Christmas gifts?

No. Christmas Club funds can be spent however you like or transferred into checking or savings accounts that you might have.

Is there a penalty if I need to withdraw some of the Christmas Club funds before they are dispersed?

No. You have full access to those funds whenever you need them without the fear of any early withdrawal penalty.

Are my Christmas Club funds secure?

Yes. Ascend Christmas Club accounts are insured by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) for up to $250,000.

Can I setup to have my Christmas Club account funded through direct deposit?

Yes. A Christmas Club can be funded by any of the usual means of a savings account.

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