5 Tips to Start Your Finances off Strong in 2021

Education | 01/01/21
Young African American Family at the table with laptop, tablet, baby
  1. Educate yourself on finances.
    Visit our “Financial Resolutions” playlist to beef up your knowledge about healthy financial habits, debt management, mindful living, and more.
  2. Increase your savings.
    Even if it’s only by 5%, every little bit adds up.
  3. Cut out one impulse purchase a week.
    You can get a head start on No. 2 by reducing your trips to the coffee shop or treating yourself to that new pair of shoes.
  4. Trim your electricity bills.
    Check for drafts around doors and windows. Also, make sure your appliances are all running efficiently and conserving as much energy as possible.
  5. Pay down your debt by making it a priority.
    Use a budgeting tool to get you started on your way to reducing your debt.

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