Everything You Need to Know About Contactless Payments

Services | 04/26/24
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Looking for a faster and safer way to pay? With an Ascend Visa debit or credit card, you can tap to pay on a contactless-enabled transaction terminal and be on your way quickly.

Contactless payments, or tap-to-pay as they’re often referred to, are easy! Cardholders simply tap or hover their Ascend debit or credit card near the contactless payment symbol all without having to touch the terminal or keypad.

What is a contactless card?
A contactless card contains a small, near field communication (NFC) chip that allows for close-range payments. When you tap or place your contactless debit or credit card near the contactless symbol on a checkout terminal, your payment is submitted wirelessly without having to swipe or insert your card.

How do contactless payments work?
Contactless cards have a small chip embedded in them that allow for near field communication (NFC). A contactless card issues a secure signal to the checkout terminal with a unique identifier for that transaction that completes the sequence.

Are contactless payments secure?
Yes, contactless card payments are safe. Each transaction generates a unique, one-time code that securely protects your payment information. So even if someone was able to intercept your code, it cannot be re-used by fraudsters. In many ways, contactless payments are among the most secure payment options available, as this will reduce the risk of card skimming since you won’t be inserting your card into a machine when paying.

Your card must also be within 1-2 inches of the terminal for the transaction to complete. So, you can’t pay by accident or just walking by.

Are contactless payments different from Google Pay and Apple Pay?
Contactless cards use the same near field communication (NFC) that Apple Pay and Google Pay to safely and securely transmit your payment. But with contactless cards, there is no need to use your phone to complete the transaction.

If I don’t have a contactless card can I request one with the technology?
Yes. The next time your Ascend debit or credit card is issued it will contain contactless payment technology. If you would like to have a card issued before your next renewal, give us a call at 800-342-3086 or visit your nearest branch and see a member service representative.

If you’d like to learn how to add your Ascend debit or credit card to a digital wallet, click here.

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