Rate & Fee Addendum: Deposits

Credit Union Membership

Membership Share: $ 5.00 par value

Account Fees Applicable to All Accounts

Account Maintenance Fee: $ 3.00 per month**

Account Closing Fee (Accounts which have been opened 60 days or less): $ 15.00

Account Re-Opening Fee (Accounts which were closed within the last 60 days): $ 20.00

NSF/Overdraft Fee: $ 25.00

Return Deposit Item Fee: $ 20.00 per item

Stop Payment Fee (Check/ACH/E-PAY): $ 25.00 per request

Check Printing Fee: Prices vary depending upon style

Check Copy Fee: $ 5.00 per item up to $50, then $3 per item

Temporary Checks: $ 5.00 for eight checks (Free for new accounts)

Check Cashing Fee: $ 5.00 per item**

Overdraft Transfer Fee (applicable to overdraft transfers generated automatically from savings to checking): $ 5.00 per transfer if more than six per month

We will not notify you of incoming wires to your account except on periodic statements

Card Fees

Regular Rush Card: $ 35.00

Replacement Card: $ 20.00

Joint Users Card (Ordered w/rush or replacement card): $ 10.00

Replacement Personal Identification Number (Ordered with rush): $ 35.00

Check/Credit Card Receipt Copies: $ 5.00 per item up to $50 then $3.00 per item

Other Service Fees (Applicable to All Accounts)

Account Reconciliation/Account Research Fee: $ 25.00 per hour

Paper Statement Fee: $ 1.00 per statement*

Statement Copy/History Fee: $ 5.00 per statement

Items Sent for Collection Fee: $ 20.00 per item

Wire Transfer (incoming domestic or foreign fee): $ 5.00 per transfer

Wire Transfer (outgoing fee): $ 15.00 per transfer

Payment by Phone/Web (Check, Credit Card, ACH): $ 10.00 per transfer

Visa Gift Cards: $ 2.50 per card

Visa TravelMoney Cards: $ 8.00 per card

Visa TravelMoney Card Reload Fee: $ 2.00 per reload

Cashier’s Check Fee: $ 2.00 or $5.00 per check**

Copy Fee: $ 1.00 per page

Dormant Account Fee: $ 5.00 per month after 18 months without activity

Returned Mail - Bad Address Fee: $ 5.00 per month

Escheat Account Fee: $ 25.00 per account

Written Verification of Deposit: $ 10.00 per request

Counting Coins: 10% of total if $25 or more

Levy Processing Fee: $ 50.00 per levy

Rebuild checking™ Fee: $ 10.00 one-time setup fee

Expedited Title Processing Fee: $ 35.00 per request

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

Nonproprietary ATM Withdrawal/Transfer/Inquiry Fee: $ 1.00 per transaction/inquiry

Foreign Transaction Fee (Visa International Service Assessment Fee on card transactions): 1% of purchases, cash withdrawals, cash advances and credits to the account

Online Banking (Internet Account Access)


(Person-to-Person Transfers)

Standard Delivery Fee: Free

Stop Payment Transaction: $ 25.00 per request

NSF/Overdraft Fee: $ 25.00

External Transfers

Standard Delivery Fee: $ 2.00 per transaction

Expedited Delivery Fee: $ 5.00 per transaction

NSF/Overdraft Fee: $ 25.00

ACH Inquiry: $ 45.00 each

Bill Pay

Monthly Service Fee: Free

Expedited Payment Fee (Check): $ 25.00 per request

Expedited Payment Fee (Electronic): $ 10.00 per request

Bill Pay Research/Return Fees: Applicable Fees Noted Previously

Bill Pay Stop Payment Fee: $ 25.00 per request

Bill Pay Cleared Check Copy Fee: $ 5.00 per item up to $50, then $3 per item

Bill Pay Max. Reimbursement for Late Charge/Penalty (see E-PAY Electronic Terms/Conditions for Complete Details): $ 25.00

The rates and fees appearing in this ADDENDUM are accurate and effective for deposit accounts as of the Effective Date indicated on this ADDENDUM. If you have any questions or require current rate and fee information on your accounts, please call Ascend at 1-800-342-3086 or contact us.

*Fee waived for members 65 years of age and older and 18 years of age and younger.

**Meet one of the following criteria for waiver of the Account Maintenance Fee and Check Cashing Fee, and be eligible for the $2 per check Cashier’s Check Fee: Maintain an average
monthly balance of at least $100 in a savings or checking account; have a Preferred or Rebuild checking™ account; have a Share certificate; have an active3 non-delinquent
loan (including credit cards); have a Money Market account with a balance of at least $2,500; or if you are 18 years of age or younger.

*** An active loan includes any loan with a non-delinquent balance at month-end or a line of credit or credit card that had activity during the most recent month.