Why you shouldn't abbreviate 2020 this year

Security | 01/03/20
Notebook on red table

The New Year is here and while it’s hard enough to remember to use the correct year when filling out documents or forms, it’s even more important this year to not abbreviate the year 2020.

By abbreviating to just “20” someone could potentially modify the date to include a different year and it could be used against you. If you write out 01/01/20 it could be changed to 01/01/2005 or 01/01/2022 for instance by just adding digits onto the end of the string of numbers.

“Writing out the full date this year will help lessen the risk that fraudsters will attempt to manipulate members’ financial and legal papers,” noted Jill Guidicy, Ascend Federal Credit Union Chief Legal Counsel.

In an interview with USA Today Ira Rheingold, the executive director of the National Association of Consumer Advocates, indicated that scammers could use the method to establish an unpaid debt or attempt to cash and old check.

This issue is specific to just the year 2020 and has been widely shared on social media.



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