Things you can still do for Easter while social distancing

How-To's and Tips | 04/10/20
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This Easter Sunday is different from any other Easter we’ve encountered before. Around the world, most people are confined to their homes while avoiding public places to reduce the spread of COVID-19. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still recommends social distancing, below are a few budget-friendly ideas you and your family can enjoy at home over the holiday.

Color Easter Eggs – Get the kiddos involved!
Forget to grab an egg-coloring kit from the store? Use items in your kitchen to add a touch of color. With a little water and vinegar, you can bring a splash of color to your Easter holiday with some commonly found items in your spice cabinet. The longer you leave in the eggs to color, the darker the dye will be:

  • Yellow: ground turmeric
  • Red: paprika, kool-aid packet, or a pack of colored candy.
  • Purple: grape juice
  • Blue: frozen blueberries
  • Green: spinach or parsley

Don’t forget to use the leftovers to make Monday’s lunch: Egg salad sandwiches!

Easter Egg Hunt.
If you don’t have candy handy around the house to stuff Easter eggs, write “ice cream time,” “extra screen time,” or “chore-free day” coupons. Stuffing these small notes is a fun alternative to candy and it gives kids a “scavenger hunt” task.
Don’t forget the “Golden Egg,” stuffed with a five-dollar bill to put in your child’s Ascend youth account!

Easter Basket.
Don’t have time to schedule your grocery store pick-up? Instead of using plastic basket grass to stuff Easter baskets, take it outside and use what nature gave you. Grass or leaves may give you a cheap solution to the fake stuff you throw in the garbage anyway. After all, the Easter Bunny is a wild animal. 😉

Livestream your church service.
Most churches are already streaming their services from social media or their website. Dress up in your “Sunday Best” and log in to your social media account.

Just because social distancing is in effect, doesn’t mean the Easter Bunny takes a day off. We hope these tips above offer you a budget-friendly alternative to celebrate the holiday, while still keeping you and your family safe.

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