Want to control your Ascend cards with a touch of your screen?

Ascend News | 05/15/19
Mobile phone showing screen shot, text with "Introducing Card Control by Ascend"

You know that moment when you’ve left your credit card at your favorite Italian restaurant because that piece of cheesecake was the best you’ve ever had? We’ve been there too and we’re here to help with Card Control by Ascend.

With the Card Control app you can easily enable or disable your Ascend cards with a simple tap of your phone. That way you can use your phone to deactivate the card while it is out of your hands and reactivate it again after you retrieve it.

The app also enables you to:

  • Disable or enable online purchases
  • Disable or enable spending outside of the country
  • Receive alerts when a transaction exceeds your own custom amount
  • Receive alerts when your card is used online, at a gas station or an ATM withdrawal is made
  • Turn on your phone’s location capabilities to help your transactions be approved while you’re away from home

Android users are also able to set up the pay-in-store feature that allows tap-to-pay mobile payments at many merchants.

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