Win $50 to your favorite local restaurant in our paper airplane contest!

Promotions | 04/24/20
Two Young Girls Coloring Ascend Paper Airplanes

How would you like to win $50 to your favorite local restaurant just by creating a paper airplane and posting it to social media? We have specially crafted the most aerodynamic paper airplane known to... er, our credit union. Seriously, click here to download a PDF file with instructions on how to fold the most sophisticated paper plane our Marketing team could design.

Enter to win a $50 gift card to your favorite restaurant by following these steps:

Print. Fold. Film. Post.
1. Print
Print our step-by-step guide on how to make a paper airplane. Make sure you have some colors handy so you can customize your design and make it fly farther!
2. Fold your airplane!

Got the skills to make your own paper airplane from scratch? Be our guest!
3. Record the Flight!
Video or photograph your airplane taking flight! We want to see how well you did or didn’t do!
4. VERY IMPORTANT: Post the fun to social media!
To enter for the random drawing, post your video or photo to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tag @AscendFCU, and use #AscendKidsFly by May 6. You can also tag your favorite local restaurant if it’s on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
If you don’t do the steps above, you will not be entered to win the prize! Visit this page for our official rules.

Happy folding and Bon Voyage!

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